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InterPharmServ Review #32


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Im going to have to admit these guys are my favorite.
For me hands down across the board the best around. This will be my account of products ran within the last year from these guys.

Communication & Ordering process

Ive put a couple of lil orders in with Walter in the 11/2 yrs we done business together. I am always responded to consistanly in a timely manner.
Thier relentless pursuit of always pleasing the customer make them above the rest for me.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Cant beat emm. Most days i donate pack shipped same day. But not all the time. The current order im waiting on is the only one we gone over t/a. And also for good reason.
Another attribute that shows empecable business practices is the splitting orders into multiple packs. I have a appreciation for not jampacking them and cause a chance to get noticed and.

Items ordered

Test prop
Tren ace
Tren hex
Tren enan
Masteron prop
Mastreon enan
Injectable Anadrol
Testp/tren a blend
Test/Eq blend
Thats enough

Product effectivenes and experience

I am big fan of the test e and test prop. Both are very well dosed so far. I need never exceed 700+ mg wkly on either. All forms of his tren are phenominal but really preffer the acetate. The masteronprop or npp are superb additions depending on the im going for. Mast always does me a hard vascular look and the npp more of a rounded off bigger look.

Additional commentary

I ciuld go on and on about IPS but until YOU see for yourself you trully wont know. Id highly recommend giving them a shot

I recommend shopping here!

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