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What does a steroid shot do

InterPharmServ Review #37


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This is a review for the products that I received during the last promo run.

Communication & Ordering process

Very good communication.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

My pack landed 5 days from when I placed my order which was a pleasant surprise.

Items ordered

Testequinex – 450mgs
Cialis – 20mgs
Test Prop – 100 mgs

Product effectivenes and experience

I’m currently running the Test/Eq mix at 3mls a week. I’ve been on it for 14 weeks and I plan on going 20 weeks plus. This gear does have a little PIP to it but it is dosed at 450mgs per ml so it’s to be expected. I started warming the vials before injecting and pip is much more tolerable.Current weight is 232. I started this cycle at 225 I believe. Bench press has gone up. I finally got back to 405 for my 1 rep max a couple weeks ago. Also benched the 150 pound dumbbells for 7 reps last week.
The Cialis is definitely legit. One will last me a good 2.5 days. I gave a couple to my buddies and they were amazed. The had never tried any Ed pills before. The Mrs does not like me giving them out because she says they are for her.
The Test Prop my wife ran at 60mgs a week. This according to her was Pip free.She was able to set a new PR on the bench press by doing 135 for 8reps. She maxed out at 175 for 1 rep.

Additional commentary

Very pleased with the quality of product and the quick turnaround.

I recommend shopping here!

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