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Testosterone propionate sale

InterPharmServ Review #65


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Review of Genex Pharma Sustanon 250 and Deca 250.

Communication & Ordering process

Communication is always fast amd professional.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

T/A was about 4 days both times. Ordered on Mon and got my pack on Fri. Second time ordered on Fri and got it on Tue.

Items ordered

Genex Pharma Sustanon 250
Genex Pharma Deca 250

Product effectivenes and experience

Great products, the bottles are wrapped in a cellophane and look very professional. I run deca for 20 weeks and sust for second 10 weeks of 20 weeks. Both didn’t leave any pip. Started feeling deca around week 6-7. My strenght started going up like crazy and pumps at the gym and through the day were insane. Loved the strenght increase without any joint discomfort. Overal gained 22pounds during a dirty winter bulker and looked and felt really good, just a bit heavy. Overall very good products and already thinking about incorporating their products in my next cycle.

Additional commentary

Great products with amazing service. Highly recommended this source, especially to Canadians.

I recommend shopping here!

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