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Steroid testosterone 400 sale

InterPharmServ Review #71


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nterpharmserv has been so excellent that it’s amazing.

Communication & Ordering process

Walter always answers within 24 hours.
He’s als refreshingly polite and professional 100% of the time. You won’t get the feeling your dealing with somone using too much of their own tren, or simply trying to make a buck.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Turnaround is so fast is shocking. 7 days was the longest, 4 is average.

Items ordered

  • Methandronex 50 (injectable DBol)
  • Masteronex 200 (Mast E)

Product effectivenes and experience

DBol at 50mg/Day pre workout for 30 Days got me bigger and stronger, a lot stronger. Example: Seated overhead barbell press went from 185 x 5 x 5 sets to 185 x 12 x 5 sets! No water weight or bloating at all. In fact I got more ripped and hard, but that’s my genetics. No compound has ever made me hold water

MastE is fucking bad ass!
After two weeks, believe it or not, I started getting a lot more comments about hardness and graininess. I gained weight on DBol, but started Mast after that. Gained about two pounds in six weeks at 60mg 3 x/week. I split it up cuz a 200mg shot of mast makes me RAGE! Very badly. I’ve found that I’m cool if I split it up. It also definitely made me stronger and Hornier. Gf is wondering wtf, especially because of my age. I freaking LOVE this Mast and highly recommend it.

Additional commentary

I’m totally pleased with not only products, but prices, shipping, communication, and the relationship I have with this awesome source.
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I recommend shopping here!

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