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Buy HGH 5UI per vial x 1 vial Made By GenexPharma


Growth hormone has wonderful and strong effects on muscles. It not only causes muscular hypertrophy, but also muscular hyperplasia. Muscular hypertrophy takes part in the enlargement of muscle cells while muscular hyperplasia increases the no of muscle cells. An anabolic steroids only cause hypertrophy, while HCG is able to perform both the functions.HCG also plays a vital role in burning of fat, strengthens the connective tissues and increases the strength to a great extent.

HGH 5 ui(Human Growth Hormone) is a natural protein containing 191 amino acids. These amino acids are synthesized by somatotrophs which are specialized cells of the pituitary gland. It controls many functions, particularly, metabolism in the human body. One can assess the importance of HGH through its multiple functions in the body. It promotes the cell division, repair the tissues and control the levels of other body hormones and enzymes in the blood. It causes normal growth of the body during childhood and youth, while in adults, it plays its role in the nourishment of the muscles, in maintaining body weight and boosting the energy.

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