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Clomid is an anti-estrogen commonly used for improving recovery of natural testosterone level after steroid cycle. It’s the most popular post cycle recovery drug.

Pharmaceutical Name: Clomiphene (as citrate) Molecular weight of Base: 405.9663 Molecular weight of ester: 192.125 (citric acid, 6 carbons) Clomid is generally regarded as an anti-estrogen, which is highly effective for the recovery of natural levels of testosterone production after the steroid cycle in the situation of suppressed testosterone level. It increases the endurance of athletes and also minimizes the risk of gynecomastia during a cycle during the cycle when the use of aromatizing steroids has been used. Clomid is the best choice complement with noveldex for reducing or eliminating gyno symptoms and it is specially designed to prevent estrogen from binding at receptor sites. Clomid can be used to achieve the required results with the good deal of success. Clomid is not only effective in stimulating hypothalamus and pituitary, but it also blocks their inhibition by estrogen. Clomid is referred to as a “mixed estrogen agonist/antagonist”. When it binds to the estrogen receptor, puts it into a different shape as does estradiol which is an estrogen derivative.When clomid is used as an anti-estrogen, the estrogen receptors remain inactive because the cofactor used in the tissue remains fail to bind to the receptors. Clomid acts as an agonist in this case. It is very effective and plays an active role in improving levels of cholesterol. Stocking and Use Clomid is normally used for post cycle therapy as follows: Standard clomid post cycle therapy Day1-300mg Day2-11-100mg/Day Day12-21-50mg/Day The start of post cycle therapy depends upon the steroid and its related characteristics you have used during the cycle. For example, if you used an on-cycle anti-estrogen,and symptoms of gyno are seen, you can use clomid 100-150mg until a few days after symptoms subside. Gyno should be kept under control by it.

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