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Aromasin Exemestane Made by Pfizer 25mg/tab x 30 tabs


Aromasin is a steroid anti-armatase compound used to lower estrogens in the body. This medication gives shelter from the diseases caused by estrogen due to its anti-estrogenic effect.

Aromasin (Exemestane) is an important drug for estrogen-sensitive breast cancer by hindering your body’s estrogen production. Aromasin is included in a Type-1 aromatase inhibitor .Studies have proved that aromatase inhibitors are better than tamoxifenfor treating advanced breast cancer. Aromasin lowers estrogen production by getting attached with aromatase enzyme and deactivate it permanently. Aromatase enzymes are responsible for estrogen synthesis. The comparison of Aromasin with the Type-ii aromates is an interesting mechanism. The type-I aromatase inhibitor get attached to the aromatase enzymes and deactivate them for good while type-ii get attached to the aromatase enzymes and eventually unbind, rendering it active again. It’s the plus point of Aromasin as it acts differently. Once the Aromasin does its job on the enzymes, those enzymes become functionless for future action. It doesn’t mean that there would remain no aromatase enzymes, naturally, body will create more aromatase enzymes in a natural way, but these are not so dangerous as compared to the already told situation. As with all the aromatase inhibitors, the primary function of Aromasin development was to fight against the breast cancer in women in the post-menopausal period but, it is widely being used in athletics community. Athletes use Aromasin to avoid the estrogenic side effects resulting from the use of aromatizable steroids, or for the post cycle therapy. Details of Aromsin are quite impressive as there are averages of 85% suppression of estorgens, overall 50% reduction of estradiol and significant increase in the level of testosterone. It not only increase testosterone level and decrease estrogen level but also increases the levels of insulin-like growth factor (IGF).It’s an interesting mechanism, that increased levels of testosterone is responsible for increasing IGF and IGF is considered as an aggravating factor in the growth of breast tumors which is the type of breast cancer in women.
In short, estrogen is the basic factor in breast cancer. The large reduction in estrogen levels combined with increased levels of IGF make the Aromasin, an effective breast cancer medication.

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