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Interpharm NPP review. I like to use a little NPP all the time to stay lubed and interpharm’s NPP @ 150/week for 5 weeks done the job nicely. There were no changes in switching up and no soreness and or irritating feelings from a not so old bicep tear. I am happy with Interpharm’s NPP and would use it again for sure. It’s nice and smooth and pain/knot free thereafter. Not much more I can write about such a small maintenance dose but I am completely satisfied with what I wanted it to do. Thanks Interpharmserv for a very nice product.

Communication & Ordering process

On top of things so none needed

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Given location very quickly

Items ordered


Product effectivenes and experience

Good quality, 150mg maintenance dose for 5 weeks

Additional commentary

Sorry about the delay Interpharm. I won’t go into why, but I’ve got a few more of these to write so…. Thanks again!

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