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Legit place to buy steroid in us

InterPharmServ Review #17


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I have ordered from this source several times and they have become one of my favorite sources. I have ordered from many other sources in the past and at this point I will stick with ordering from this source from now on.

Communication & Ordering process

This source has amazing customer service they respond very quickly usually within hours. They are very professional in the way they conduct there business and they make the customer feel important.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

T/A is very quick the fastest of any other source I’ve ordered through. The longest a package has taken to arrive was 10 days after payment was accepted thats super fast!!!

Items ordered

Propionex 100
Profinex 200
Trenbonex A 100
Hcg 5000
Nolvanex 25
Accutanex 20

Product effectivenes and experience

I used the propionex during my last cycle and the stuff was very fast acting I could literally feel it after the first couple pins. The current cycle im on now is a 10 week cycle of Profinex 200 1ml pinned eod at 300mg of tren and test a week this mix of tren ace and test prop has been my favorite mix of any kind so far. The energy I get is through the roof my sex drive is almost too much some times and the strength gains are almost unbelievable. Only downside for me is the bad sides from tren start hitting me hard by the 6th week, insomnia almost every single night, night sweats, very short temper, super bad acne hence the reason I ordered accutane. But all the bad sides are a good sign everything is working properly. Im a very small framed male and its extremly hard for me to put on any size. I started this cycle at 140lbs and im 8 weeks into my 10 week cycle and im currently at 166lbs very lean hard muscle I love tren it’ll always be my go to steroid along with test of course!!! I got the accutane because this round of tren really got my shoulders and back breaking out its at the point its starting to hurt ive only been on the accutanex for about a week so I cant really say much as far as potency but my lips are already drying out on 20mg a day for a week so hopefully thats a good sign. I started the HCG at 2500ui a week a week ago and will continue taking for another 3 weeks going into my pct with my Nolvanex.
I will be testing out the Trenbonex A 100 during my next cycle going to ad it to the Profinex 200 to ad a little more tren to the mix.

Additional commentary

This will always be my number one go to source I’ve been extremely happy with every product ive tried so far.

I recommend shopping here!

Shop Steroids here: https://interpharmserv.is

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