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How to find the best steroid supplier

InterPharmServ Review #49


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Heck of a source that I found last year and they are great with prices

Communication & Ordering process

Heck these guys are on point with communication and that’s a plus in my book

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Not sure exactly but I believe it was under 8 days once shipped

Items ordered

Testosterone enethenate and tren enethenate

Product effectivenes and experience

I added their products to an already up and running cycle that was straight quality from another source.
I had no drop in labido, vascularity and muscle density. Pinned nice and smooth and nice looking viles as a nice presentation
Ill use tren e for a few weeks before I drop to acetate ester to really get dialed in.
For me tren e allows me to get used to tren acetate adnit makes nutso alone hahaha.
All in all this was successful use of the products and was not disappoint in their product.

Additional commentary

I’m happy with the trial and look forward to future cycles

I recommend shopping here!

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