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How to buy steroid powders

InterPharmServ Review #33


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Long overdue review for this fantastic source. I can’t speak highly enough about this source.

Communication & Ordering process

Amazing! Would always get back to me within or slightly after 24 hours.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

They do the best they can when it comes to shipping. Fuck customs is all i need to say. The quality of their bottles are phenomenal. Look more professional than most gear I have ever seen. Very eloquent haha.

Items ordered

sust 250 *9
Test P *3

Product effectivenes and experience

There was slight pip, could smell the stringent smell of hormones as I open my cabinet to retrieve a vial. I must say that the product quality was top notch. I normally dont wake up with boners, but WOW. Felt like I was 18 years old again. Not to mention that I run gear year round. It goes to show the quality of the gear. While running gear year round, its hard to notice large increases or decreases in weight. But everything I was feeling was intensified. Used 1 bottle of prop and 5 bottles of sust in approximately 15 weeks. My strength stayed normal, which is a good thing because, again, I cycle year around. These guys are g2g.

Additional commentary

Now to the dealings with customs. I have placed two more orders during promotion. First one was taken. The second order was separate and that made it before the first order I placed. That raised flags to say the least. I contacted them and they sent another 21 vials. That was also caught. And im thinking “shit, im out a lot of cash” NOPE. These guys guaranteed that they will have that order make it to me even though they have tried time and time again. I dont understand why people are complaining about these guys. Good luck having that happen with any other source! You would be out $. Not these guys. For that reason alone, I have no idea why they aren’t top 10. CHILDREN NEED TO STOP BITCHING. Your shit will arrive. If you keep complaining, I dont blame them for not sending your pack. Act like the grown ass man you are and be patient. These guys are astounding.

I recommend shopping here!

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