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Equipoise for horses for sale

InterPharmServ Review #62


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I was intrigued by the mast prop 150 and the quick T/A, which led me to make a purchase from Interpharmserv.

Communication & Ordering process

Ordered and donation picked up swiftly. No communication needed.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Pack arrived 4 days after donation was picked up. Everything was secure and intact.

Items ordered

Mast prop 150 mg Genex
Tren A 100 mg Genex

Product effectivenes and experience

I used the Genex mast prop 150 at 1 cc eod the last few weeks of my prep. The oil is a little thick and I draw with 20 g and pin with 25g. Injects nice and slow, no pip, sometimes I’d forget were I pinned the day prior. Very good mast prop, had me dry and veiny as well as aggrestion to hit the gym hard.

I recommend shopping here!

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