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InterPharmServ Review #67


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I’m writing my review for IPS a source who is not yet verified or as well known as some others on here but very good at service and carry great quality products and one brand i’m particularly enjoying and glad i found Genexpharma. I had heard about this company from a random friend who i train with sometimes and he was running this amazing tren e or trenbonex e 200 by genex and after searching google forever i found a few distributors and two sources here on eroids that carry this line. Of the two, I contacted IPS and instantly was greeted by a very friendly owner who was very understanding and patient and answered all my questions and made me comfortable and confident enough to make my first order. I’ll be reviewing the trenbonex e 200 and the anavanex 10mg anavar tabs both genex.

Communication & Ordering process

Awesome and easy communication, source is genuinely a good guy and really good at responding quickly to any questions. I was very hesitant and sketched on trying someone new and this source was so good at helping me decide and standing behind product quality and assured me i would like his business and all the products.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

This is where this source is going to really do well once people take notice, his T/A was absolutely amazing! The pack came so fast i really didn’t know what had arrived and thought no way could it be here, honestly pack arrived the third day after donations were received. Package itself was discreet and this source is good at sending packs it was tightly wrapped and labeled so professionally and clever it would of passed thru anywhere.

Items ordered

2 Trenbonex E 200 mg
100 Anavanex (anavar) tabs 10mg

Product effectivenes and experience

I ran the tren e at 400 mg per week with another very well known strong tren and i can say that this tren was almost identical, it gave me great intensity and great fullness and pumps. It helped me loose a little bodyfat also, I run my test way higher than tren so together it created great results and was just what i wanted a good solid ass tren enth. I ran this for weeks and even though tren e is a slow ester, sides never crept up on me, i was really sweaty and the night sweats were there, but man i got lucky with good quality smooth tren, it is a thick oil and pinned well, i never got pip at all. The owner was sure of the quality of there oils and sent me one to try which was an awesome respectable gesture, and thats what got my business. I liked it and ordered two more, plus i had to try their orals which brings me to the anavar, i have only been on the var for a few weeks but it was stamped legit in about three days lol the pumps i got were actually painful and it is still bringing out vascularity in my forearms that i never had, as of right now i’m doing a big oral cycle to cut the end of this high test and tren e that id been running so i’m taking winstrol tabs also and running the anavar and winny 40/50mg each with the winny at 50mg. At 40mg a day this anavar is real anavar!! hands down and thats all i cared about when i ordered, i just wanted real var and it has surpassed my expectations and getting better every day i’m waking and looking leaner and tighter. My arms are pumped most the day it seems like. The genex line is great! I can say the quality in everything i ordered was good and the tabs are so pharm looking it trips me out, this lab looks like pharm grade, the whole line is sweet, tabs were pressed hard as hell and look awesome. I have too mention though i have had bad heartburn since starting the orals, just not sure if its the anavar or the winstrol, but taken nexium has worked great and stopped it totally, i always get acid indigestion on most pills, so it might be just me, but a side worth mentioning either way.

Additional commentary

I tried this source not knowing much about them and they came thru for me big time, it was such an easy order that arrived so fast i’ll be using them again for sure, The owner is a good dude and i really hope he becomes verified because i think he will do good, they carry good lines of products, my buddies were always like man the shit from england and uk is always good gear and they were right, I think IPS is in canada but orders come faster than any domestic lol i recommend this source and glad i gave them a try!

I recommend shopping here!

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