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InterPharmServ Review #73


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This review is for interpharmservs Deca and Test-E

Communication & Ordering process

Communication was great.Pms were exchanged in a timely and courteous manner.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

T/A- about 2 weeks. Packaging is tight and discreet.

Items ordered

Genexpharma :
Testonex-E 250
Nandronex-D 250

Product effectivenes and experience

I was doing my offseason cycle and keeping it very simple just test and deca. The test I would say it kicked in about 3 weeks in and deca about 4 weeks. Both pinned really smooth, no problems at all. About 2 months in i was up in about 12 pounds. I could have gained more weight but I was not doing a dirty bulk. I ran the cycle for 14 weeks with proper pct and AI. Although I have to say I had a great run with Genex, I got great strenght and size but when I came off the cycle I did break out with acne. I ran deca but other brands and this did not happen. But I was still have because their was quality in the products.

Additional commentary

Thanks IPS

I recommend shopping here!

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