InterPharmServ Review #11


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I’ve been using many gear sites for 13 years and Interpharmserv is by far the best.

  1. Best prices and promo deals
  2. Best communication
  3. Fastest delivery time
  4. Most of all, best gear!

Try it and you’ll see !

Communication & Ordering process

Quick, friendly and professional

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Discreet and durable

Items ordered

I’ve orered a lot. Tren, sustanon, test, inj Dbol, inj Drol, masteron, EQ and more. All excellent.

Product effectivenes and experience

Usually frontload test for two weeks at about 2 grams then test, Eq and deca close to a gram each. Lower on the Deca.

Additional commentary

Gettin huge!!!

I recommend shopping here!

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