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InterPharmServ Review #28


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Fantastic group to work with

Communication & Ordering process

Top notch communication and support never needed

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Landed just at week 1/2

Items ordered


Product effectivenes and experience

QUALITY PRESENTATION were both spot on! The oil pinned well and smooth with no pip to report. I ran this test along side some other oils and tabs as a base. It kept me functioning regularly mentally, physically and in the bedroom as I was running 19nors with it and Im prolactin sensituve and need quality test in there to keep me functioning properly. I ran 2 c’s weekly of the stuff split Monday ant tguraday both 1cc each as I feel this gives me a more stable blood levels and therefore less sides. All in all i was happy with test .

Additional commentary

Absolutely recommend

I recommend shopping here!

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