InterPharmServ Review #20


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Review on Genex Pharma products from interpharm.

Communication & Ordering process

Ordered on line and took care of the donation. After that I sat back and waited.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

The pack was secure and came within the estimated TA.

Items ordered

15 testonex
6 nandronex
3 Boldenex
9 Testtrenex

Product effectivenes and experience

I have been using the testonex (500mg wk) and the boldenex (600mg wk) for 6 weeks now. The test is good gear. I am up 11 pounds and I wake up with morning wood daily. The EQ I am taking due to a medication I take that kills my appetite. I have not been on long enough to really see how good this EQ is, but it has been perfect for bringing my appetite back.

Additional commentary

Review on Genex Pharma products from interpharm.

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