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Buy steroid cycles online get shipped to the usa

InterPharmServ Review #23


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This was my first time using Interpharmserv.is and it wont be my last. Great experience.

Communication & Ordering process

Best in the business.. Emails and pms were returned within hours. Walter knows how to treat customers right

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

‘Again best in the business. In less than 24 hours my donation was received and packages were shipped. I received my package in less than a week. Very secure packs, 10ml bottles were individually shrink wrapped. Truly astonishing turnaround.

Items ordered

3 – 10 ml Genex Testosterone Prop 100mg

Product effectivenes and experience

Great experience using this product. Used 1 ml EOD as a blast to my TRT for 8 weeks . Tremendous upswing in energy and strength with no bloat. Thick oil with the pip that lasts about a day. Usual pip from prop.

Additional commentary

Highly recommend this source for anyone who expects top quality service, exceptional products , and are concerned about turn around time.

I recommend shopping here!

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