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One of my favorites! You really cannot go wrong with this guy. SUPERB customer service and the quality of the products are spot on! Professional looking vials with Fast shipping, I mean what else can you ask for ? You need to try these guys out if you haven’t! ESPECIALLY during their promos, You’ll thank me later.

Communication & Ordering process

Hands down one of the best, if not the best support out here. They are there when you need them and are extremely friendly. Its almost like if you’re talking to an old child hood friend. Just spot on customer service!
Not once has an email gone unread, unlike some other sources on here…

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Packages arrive extremely fast. I think the fastest I received a package was in 3 days but the average has been 5 days; Which is just fine and dandy with me. Anything within a week and i’m happier than a fat kid at a cake eating competition.

All vials are EXTREMELY well packaged. Very securely packaged. Never have I thought they would arrive cracked or broken In any way and they haven’t yet!

Items ordered

Mast P
Tren A
Test P
Test C
Test E

Product effectivenes and experience

I ran their Deca, Test P, Test E, Test C and EQ so far. I believe their products are spot on, right on the money Mg for Mg. Smooth oils, easily draws out of vial. Pins easily. Slight PIP to None, depending on injection site. Just all around good damn stuff.

Test Prop: This stuff kicks in quick. Felt this right away! Pinned very smoothly. Oil looked too clean. Felt good injecting it and felt good in the gym on it!

Deca: This Deca rounded me out very nicely. Made me look full, solid and just round. During my workouts my muscles would start popping out, muscle bellies would start to form. Very good stuff

EQ: This EQ is strong. Made me really vascular, and vascularity is my go to look. Plus it also adds its own unique thickness to the muscle. loved it. I like running EQ with almost every cycle and I’ll definitely be using this again!

Test E/C: Clean looking oils! Very smooth to pin and what can I say. Got me hornier than a male rabbit trapped in a cage with 30 female rabbits. I got strong, vascular, Slim on the waist and oily. PIP was practically non existent. The transitions between the oils were smooth! I always split between E and C on cycle. Half of my cycle i’ll start off with either or and then switch to the other half way through. Something I’ve always done.

Additional commentary

Great quality products. There was a lot of skepticism due to his crazy, unbelievable promos but I assure you, take advantage and stock up!!! The products are well worth the price! Great Quality, Great Results, Great Customer Service and Great Prices!
I dont know what you’re waiting for but if I were you, i’d place an order ASAP and see for yourself.

I recommend shopping here!

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