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InterPharmServ Review #61


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Friendly source and made my cycle complete with Trenbolone E.

Communication & Ordering process

These guys actually communicated very well as they would contact me first and was guiding all the way

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Ta was good for overseas ad it was shipped promptly and arrived with in 10 days.

Items ordered

Tren enethenate

Product effectivenes and experience

This product is very good for me along side testosterone enethenate. Integer tren E over tren A beciaee the sides are much more mild and I have great gains man’s have a feeling of accomplishment when it.
Usually do not notice much till week four and this time I was feeling like I was on top by week 3.
All of my nutrition goes up and gains kept for the most part after use.
This time I ran it for ten weeks with 2 C’s week.
They have great bottles and look professional and pinned with minor pip in glutes

Additional commentary

100% product and price

I recommend shopping here!

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